Name: Exelenti is a word combination of the Latin word Executio, commonly abbreviated in computing to Exe, and Lenti, the Italian word for lenses. The two adjoined words entail the essence of our philosophy.

About: We incubate and accelerate highly effective +Impact ventures that promise scalable and sustainable development, positive impact and healthy returns. In our journey towards achieving this goal, we have partnered with strong, like-minded partners consisting of a mix of Public Private Partnerships. Our primary focus is targeted at innovative, scalable and sustainable early-stage agribusiness ventures in Sub-Saharan Africa. Through our activities we hope to inspire, enlighten, encourage, and engage other people into Impact Investing.

Mission: Exelenti incubates and accelerates highly effective agri-focused +Impact Ventures in Sub-Saharan Africa that promise scalable and sustainable development, positive impact, and healthy returns.

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