Are YOU The 1%?

Who represent that mystical 1% of humanity? They seem everywhere yet no where right? We all have a picture of what the 1% must look like. Images of fancy cars, impressive homes, yacht, private jets, designer clothes, a nice collection of expensive booze, and, of course, an entourage of sexy ladies beautiful people come to mind when we think of the rich!

Well, the above may all be true and a great topic to dwell on, yet, you are now probably thinking of the top 0.1%, and not, the top 1% of humanity. So who can count themselves to the top 1%? Well there is a very good chance that, without realising it, YOU BELONG TO THE WEALTHIEST TOP 1% OF HUMANITY!

If you are an American earning more then 32,000 USD, a Brit earning more then 25,300 GDP, or an Italian earning more then 27,100 EUR per annum, then you can comfortable count yourself towards the wealthiest 1% of humanity. Don’t believe me or you don’t have an income but sit on stash of cash or assets? Well then calculate your positions in the money ranks on the…

In comparison, the average labourer in Zimbabwe earns less then 0.50 dollar cents an hour! Right, I can give you an endless list of reasons as to why you should be freaking satisfied with your life, however, I will spare you from that. Instead, reflect and be thankful for a second while reading this on your iPhone X sipping away on your 5 dollar Starbucks.

Ow and of course, a topic discussing insane amounts of money isn’t complete without mentioning legendary investor Warren Buffett. Warren famously remarked the following:

”If you could put your ball back, and they took out, at random, a hundred other balls, and you had to pick one of those, would you put your ball back in? Now, of those hundred balls… roughly five of them will be American… Half of them are going to be below-average intelligence, half will be above. Do you want to put your ball back? Most of you, I think, will not… What you’re saying is, ‘I’m in the luckiest 1% of the world right now.”

Feel better about yourself? Yes? Okay I don’t want to pop the bubble, yet, if you want to belong to the top 1 percent of Americans over of human kind, then you will need to earn a little more, in excess of 300.000 USD per annum that is….

Calculate where you stand using the Wall Street Journal calculator. Also watch ‘The One Percent’ documentary from Jamie Johnson, a now late thirties heir to the Johnson & Johnson family below to learn more about the growing wealth gap in America.


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Are YOU The 1%?

by Rogier H.C.M. Want time to read: 2 min