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Stevia Variety Data

Stevia Cultivation Protocol

Stevia Processing Data

Subsidy Monitor                
Name Status Acc. Manager Link Client Grant/Sub/Mez Deadline Amount Contact Details
The Agri-Tech Catalyst Investigating  Edgard        January 2017  800.000 https://tsbcom517.ftpstream.com – applicant517191 
Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund Investigating               
World Bank Emailed on Friday 9th of December  Rogier            
AG Funder  Submitted tue-06-12-2016  Rogier        tue-20-12-2016    
Comic Relief                
 IFU/DAF (Danish Agribusiness Fund)               Complaint Procedure since mon-05-12-2016 
UK Genesis                
BiD Network                
 UK AID                


Key Downloads

Business Plan Stevia 1931

Summary Business Plan Stevia 1931

Ghana Stevia Trial Protocol

Trials USA (Western) 2014

Trials Ghana (Kumasi) 2012



Anwar Sadat: Email: anwar.sadat@exelenti.com. Mobile/WhatsApp: +233 243107070/+233 201710007/+233 26846664.

Ike Mbamali: Email: ike.mbamali@exelenti.com. Mobile/WhatsApp: +44 7966 599604

Sjoerd Sliggers: Email: sjoerd.sliggers@exelenti.com. Mobile/WhatsApp: +31 642661673

Piet Poos: Email: piet.poos@exelenti.com. Mobile: +31 614577504

Karel Want: Email: karel.want@exelenti.com. Mobile: +31 612234400 +351 916886747 

Rogier Want: Email: rogier.want@exelenti.com. Mobile +31 634039104

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