Giving Attitude of 6000 HNWI

The Charity Aid Foundation (CAF) looked at the attitudes to giving of nearly 6000 wealthy individuals worldwide. This may make it on of the largest ever survey into global philanthropic attitudes. The CAF begins their series with the attitudes towards giving of the under 35s. The survey comes with positive findings which we conclude as follows:

  • Leveraging of their networks. Increased engagement and coming together are important to get more from their giving. This probably partly explains young givers under 45 are also less concerned with their gift remaining anonymous.
  • The big picture. They are keen to on big issues. Looks like ‘everything’ is going global.
  • Your philanthropist are active not passive, strategic and innovative approaches along with leverage are important. The impact and seeing a tangible difference is key for this young generation. Along with this comes a healthy risk/experimenting appetite and long term relationships/partnerships with causes and charities are not only important but become essential.
  • ‘They walk the walk’ as on average young givers already give 3000 dollars more then older givers.
  • Reducing the gap between rich and poor is regarded among these youngsters as the most important issue facing society. The report concludes that generation Y will not necessarily relevant the wheel as far as giving is concerned but will cherish the most fruitful methods and improve and innovate these to get the desirable high impact and tangible results. Check out the entire report using the PDF icon below.

Check out the report here!


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