Growing Stevia in Uganda

Some roads are long and curvy, yet, it’s the result that matters! We are happy to announce that a strong partnership is in the making targeting the cultivation and processing of stevia in Uganda.

Together with an international expat farmer in Uganda and, a UK based NGO, we have negotiated a partnership focused on growing, extracting and, marketing stevia. Further details on the stakeholders and additional insight into our partnership will be published in a future update. 

Currently the final preparations are taken on-site and we expect commence with the all important trials within two months from today. In the meanwhile we will evaluate the results of our pilot extraction plant experiment hosted by Wageningen University. Providing the outcome of our evaluation is positive, our extraction plant can be fully operational, on-site, by the end of 2019.

Stevia 1931 is a vertically integrated social agricultural biotech company. Stevia 1931 is primarily focused on the industrial scale production of stevia; the all-natural zero-calorie sweetener. Beyond commercial success the company strives to maximise positive and tangible social impact. For more information please visit

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Growing Stevia in Uganda

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