Handbook on the Dynamics of Rural Innovation

Innovation is becoming increasingly important in agriculture. By 2050 we need to feed 9 billion people and for that to happen the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) predicts a 70% increase in food production will be required by 2050. In developing countries this figure goes up to 100%.

To deal with these challenges and opportunities, the handbook Dynamics of Rural Innovation argues we need to look beyond technological innovation. We need to consider innovations in how societies understand and value their food systems;

”innovations in the market; incentives that can drive agricultural and food systems toward equity and sustainability; and innovations in the way farmers, government, business and civil society work together to govern good systems and natural resource management.”

This handbook is about bridging theory and practice, and presenting it in an accessible and digestible way. Theoretical ideas are brought to life with real stories about how innovation actually happens. The handbook is a typical Sunday read, as it is 242 pages long.


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