+Impact Portfolio

We practice what we preach by incubating and accelerating agri-focused +Impact ventures in Sub-Saharan Africa. These operations generally promise scalable and sustainable development, tangible and measurable positive social and/or environmental impact and, healthy financial returns. Scalability, sustainability, and continuity are important criteria. Below we have listed two key ventures we are currently developing.

Stevia 1931 is a vertically integrated social agricultural biotech company. Stevia 1931 is primarily focused on the industrial scale production of stevia; the all-natural zero-calorie sweetener. Beyond commercial success, Stevia 1931 strives to maximise positive and tangible social impact. Click here for extra details.

Wa Agribusiness Park (WAP) is a farming cooperative of international farmers in Northern Ghana. The park brings together the benefits of both large and small-scale farming concepts. The site is developed in stages, targeting a 50.000 ha operation hosting a variety of farming concepts. Click here for extra details.