Invest in Yourself

It may be a bit of a cliche, yet, there is no greater truth: First and foremost INVEST IN YOURSELF! The BEST investment you will ever make is into yourself! You only have ONE body and ONE mind, so nurture it and take care of it!!

The better your ability and capacity to make use of your ability, the better your financial life will be. So, eat healthy, exercise, get your sleep, and never stop learning. Knowledge is power, it really is!! Another great benefit? They can never take it away from you and no matter how much you have of it, they can't even tax it!

Basics Personal Finance Rules

Discipline when it comes to your personal finances is the foundation for a prosperous life. After all, to build up or maintain the means to invest, you will need to have your personal finances in check, as this serves as the foundation of your financial future and success, so;

  • Don't allow your ego to be bigger than your wallet. IF YOU CAN'T PAY FOR IT DON'T BUY IT! Instead, get yourself into a position where you can pay for anything. Taking control of your finances and paying of debt can be empowering.

  • It's much easier to STAY OUT of financial trouble then to GET OUT of financial trouble. So be smart about the financial decisions you make!

  • Spend less then you earn. Pay yourself first!