Match Making

We are active in residential and commercial real estate and while our core business is to acquire and manage projects at our own risk and expense, we sometimes come across good opportunities that may not fit our purposes, yet, may be interesting to our investor base.

In those cases we may share these opportunities with our network. We value our network, so, for us to ‘pitch’ any opportunities we need to have reasonable minimal standards on the opportunity. The process generally goes through the following 3 phases:

  • First and foremost we need the price of the asset, it’s yield and, the location. Please note that our focus and that of our investor base is generally on earning assets in the Benelux, Great Britain and, Ireland only.


  • A clear mandate from the vendor, direct or indirect giving us the power to promote the asset together with the relevant fee agreement for our efforts. We operate fully transparently and any compensation we may receive will be informed to the buyer. The mandate can be in various forms, yet, usually entails a ‘letter of instruction’ or ‘letter of agreement’ between the asset owner and the promotor. 


  • The basic details of the asset, which should include, as a minimum, the assets location/address/their website adres, the number of rooms, construction date and, exploitation particulars such as financial data underpinning the income, management agreements with operators if the asset is under management and clarity as to whether we are buying the asset/stones itself or the company.