The Million Dollar Donors Report 2013

The Million Dollar Donors Report 2013 (notice the name change from Pounds to Dollars) has been released yearly since 2008 by the renowned private bank Coutts in association with the University of Kent. Coutts analyses Million Pound Donations (MPD’s) of British Major Donors (MDs). They further consider the impact and the methodology/structure used to facilitate donations. Notably, this year the US, China, Russia, Middle East and Hong Kong have been considered in the report as well. We highlighted some interesting points UK related points.

– Million pound donations in the UK have recovered from the recent dip and now surpass – in terms of the total value – the figures seen in the 2011 and 2012.

– The total value of charitable donations worth £1m or more rose 9% to £1.35bn in 2012 from £1.24bn in 2010/11, reaching its highest level since the financial crisis hit in 2008/09.

– Not only did the total value of million pound donations increase in 2012, but encouragingly, so too did the average donation size.

– Last year, more than half of all million pound gifts (56%) were worth £2m or more, with some 17% of all gifts worth over £10m, including one £100m donation.

Coutts showcases their findings on a interactive website. Be sure to check it out.

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