Real Estate

Experience & Interest

We have extensive experience in commercial and residential real-estate, specifically in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. We are familiar with the acquisition, development, re-development (turnaround experience), exploitation, management and, disposition of commercial and residential real-estate, especially business oriented hotels and affordable residential real-estate.



We exploit a residential Buy-To-Let (BTL) real-estate portfolio within the affordable housing market segment, serving both the private sector as well as the public sector by providing specialist housing solutions for social institutions in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.


Residential Development

We are implementing a modular housing concept focussed at utilising modern building solutions to cater for ‘affordable’ housing needs across Western Europe. We are primary targeting the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. We focus on:

  • Using new ways to structure and finance land acquisitions.
  • Use smart and modern building solutions.
  • Integrating modern living concepts from Japan.

By utilising the newest building technologies and innovation, together with the integration of smart living features, we can offer quick and effective housing solutions at a fraction of the time and costs associated with traditional building methods. To date we have, between 2014 and 2017 realised 500 apartments in The Netherlands.

Post Projects

Project: Hotel Overbosch, Garderen, the Netherlands

Units: 40 Rooms

Project: Zorghotel, Veghel, the Netherlands

Units: 41 Rooms

Project: Best Western Hotel Nobis, Asten, the Netherlands

Units: 121 Rooms

Project: Hotel Asteria, Venray, the Netherlands

Units: 114 Rooms

Project: Den Zwarten Berg, the Netherlands

Units: 11 Rooms.

Project: Kantorenverzamelgebouw Genius Loci, Uden, the Netherlands

Units: 8 Office Spaces

Overview of active investments as per July 16, 2018. Exelenti has not listed investments that it is not permitted to mention pursuant to confidentiality obligations.

The investments listed above are provided solely as an indication of the sectors and businesses of Exelenti’s investments, and not as an indication or representative sample of the quantity or quality of the portfolio investments made by Exelenti and or it’s affiliates.