See How Far This Guy Has Come!

Life has many mysteries and one of them has to do with why certain people/companies achieve astronomical success while others don’t. Sure, the subject has been extensively studied and, of course, certain conclusions have been drawn as to the factors that may influence success and/or the extent thereof, yet, their remains a certain mystery to it all. 

Anyway none of that boring stuff today. Everyone always likes to hear about the successes stories, so I thought we indulge ourselves by looking back at this 2004 CNBC interview with Mark Zuckerberg, a time where Zuckerberg was still perceived as nice geeky college kid with big dreams, not the evil information hoarder and manipulator he is portrayed to be today. Either way he makes for a great success story!


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See How Far This Guy Has Come!

by Rogier Want time to read: 1 min