Stevia 1931

Stevia 1931 is a vertically integrated social agricultural biotech company. Stevia 1931 is primarily focused on the industrial scale production of stevia; the all-natural zero-calorie sweetener. Beyond commercial success the company strives to maximise positive and tangible social impact.

Quick Facts

About Stevia

  • Stevia is up to 300 times sweeter than sugar and of great interest to the food and beverage¬†industry.
  • Stevia use does not have the health risks associated with sugar consumption. Demand is driven by increasing consumer awareness and government incentive to fight the obesity epidemic.
  • The Stevia market is estimated to represent US$ 565.2 million by 2020, reflecting a CAGR of 8.5% during the forecast period (2014-2020).

About Stevia 1931

  • Founded in April 2013.
  • Developing 4000 hectares of¬†farm land in Upper West Ghana.
  • Currently experimenting with 5 pre-qualified stevia varieties in association with top-tier scientists.
  • Ready to scale up in Q3 2016.
  • Post-lab experiments with an innovate extraction technology. Q3 2016 test running and awaiting results.


  • Expected ROI in excess of 10+% after year 3.
  • Equim valuation in excess of 6m EUR.


  • 18000 families supported by 6000 direct jobs and 1500 indirect jobs.
  • Clear and extensive ICSR policy in place with impact measured by impact officer using IRIS standards.

More Information

Company Presentation

Stevia 1931 is an initiative from Exelenti. Exelenti incubates and accelerates highly effective agri-focussed +Impact Ventures that promise scalable and sustainable development, positive impact, and healthy returns.


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