Zarnaps Advocating for the Ethical Treatment of Humans

Many of us will have taken notice: veganism is on the RISE! The reasons vary, yet, an important factor triggering our willingness to change our diets seems to be due to our increased awareness surrounding our health and wellbeing, together with that of the animals around us.

Now don’t worry, I’m not here to preach to you and/or compel you to think, or do, one way or the other, yet, awareness and perspective are always helpful in shaping our thoughts, which is something this PETA video got just right.

This video, featuring ‘Zarnaps’ discussing the Ethical Treatment of Humans, gives us a funny and refreshing perspective into ‘our’ narrative when it comes to animal welfare. I’m sure you can see that maybe, just maybe, we should get of our high horse and review, in whatever way we can, how we treat the animals with whom we share this planet and… try to be part of the solutions in whatever way you can (yes you CAN!).


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Zarnaps Advocating for the Ethical Treatment of Humans

by Rogier H.C.M. Want time to read: 1 min