2016 BNP Paribas Individual Philanthropy Index

BNP Paribas Wealth Management, together with Forbes Insights, released new research into the giving habits of wealthy philanthropists. The report, BNP Paribas Individual Philanthropy Index 2016, analyzes individual giving in Europe, the United States, Asia and the Middle East. It shares some interesting findings, some which I have highlighted in the bullet point list below:

  • Impact Investing (54%) and Collaborative Philanthropy (53%) are top trends when it comes to achieving sustainable outcome.
  • The United States remains a dominant leader in terms of amounts given or pledged to philanthropy.
  • The Middle East has been making the fastest strides among all regions. This is undoubtedly related to the current humanitarian crisis that has unfolded within the region.
  • Health remains the top cause in the USA, Europe, and the Middle East. The outsider on this is Asia, where philanthropists pay greater focus to the environment.
  • The United States is way ahead in aligning investments with philanthropic goals.
  • Philanthropist prime goal is to achieve effective and permanent change.
  • American and old school philanthropists are very goal oriented with an all or nothing attitude while newer philanthropists tend to look at how to tackle issues. ”It’s going to be many years until we have a true cure. In the meantime, we have to make sure that the kids are as healthy as possible, so that when it does come time for a treatment they can take advantage of it.
  • Another ongoing trend is giving while living. About half of philanthropist have their investments, business activities and lifestyle mostly aligned with their philanthropic goals, while 25% is completely aligned with
    their lives with their philanthropic goals.

Review the entire report ”New Philanthropy Building Lasting Change” for further insights along with a forecast on expected future developments within the world of philanthropy.

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2016 BNP Paribas Individual Philanthropy Index

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