Exelenti is an impact investment company. We incubate and accelerate highly effective business ventures across a diverse range of sectors and regions, targeting opportunities that promise scalable and sustainable development, positive social and/or environmental impact, and healthy financial returns.

In our journey towards achieving our goals, we leverage our multidisciplinary, experienced and diverse team and network, usually targeting strong and mutually beneficial partnerships, both within the public and private sector, with parties that support our result driven modus operandi and share our vision and values.

Our experience and interests are diverse, yet, our focus centers around the Real-Estate, Agribusiness and Financial sectors in Europe and Africa. With over 100 years in combined experience we have given life to over 25 multimillion euro undertakings. Learn more about our current investment activities here.

We also publish ever green content on a variety of impact related topics and publish a monthly newsletter. With the content we publish we hope to genuinely empower and aspire people into maximising their potential. Keep tabs on our website or sign-up to our monthly newsletter to stay in the know. 

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