Stevia Farming and Marketing

Stevia 1931 is a vertically integrated social agricultural biotech company. Stevia 1931 is primarily focused on the industrial scale production of stevia; the all-natural zero-calorie sweetener. Beyond commercial success the company strives to maximise positive and tangible social impact. For more information please visit

Ingredient Trade

Ingredient Trade: Market access is key for farmers as a whole and especially so in Africa. We therefore developed a sales channel specifically focussed at selling stevia, Moringa (powder and oil) and Tigernuts. Visit this page for more details. We operate multiple farms in Africa and export Stevia (temporarily unavailable), Moringa and, Tigernut derived products (seeds, powder, cold pressed oil etc). All our farms are under international management/supervision to ensure high standards and strict quality controls. For product details please check this page.