An Old Native American Man Wanted a US$ 500 Loan. This is What Happened…

Do you have that feeling, that the world has gone a little bonkers, and that EVERYTHING is being overcomplicated? This story, about a ‘simple’ man wanting a US$ 500 loan, may seem silly, but it actually makes a lot of sense. Call it business sense, horse sense, common sense, you name it, either way, it will put a smile on your face! Perhaps dish this ‘little narrative’ out to your banker, next time he pulls out another checklist full of useless horsecrap. So, here we go, the banker pulls out the loan application and asks…

“What are you going to do with the money?” he asks the native American.

“Buy Silver, make jewellery, and sell it,” was the response.

“What have you got for collateral?”

“Don’t know collateral,” replied the native American man.

“Well that’s something of value that would cover the cost of the loan.”

“Have you got any vehicles?”

“Yes. 1949 Chevy pickup,” replied the native American man.

The banker shook his head, “How about livestock?”

“Yes, I have a horse,” replied the man.

“How old is it?” the banker asks.

“Don’t know, has no teeth,” replies the man.

Finally the banker decided to make the US$500 loan.

Several weeks later the old man was back in the bank. He pulled out a roll of bills, “Here to pay.” he said. He then handed the banker the money to pay off his loan.

“What are you going to do with the rest of that money?” the banker asks.

“Put in home”, replied the native American man.

“Why don’t you deposit it in my bank,” the banker asked.

“Don’t know deposit,” replied the man.

“You put the money in our bank and we take care of it for you. Whenever you want to use it, you can withdraw it.”

The old native American man leaned across the desk and asks the banker… 

“What you got for collateral?”

Haha OWNED! Hope you enjoyed this!

CC0 Public Domain

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3 Responses

  1. Rogier Want says:

    I would love to credit the person that came up with this story, yet, I cannot find it online. If anyone knows the genius responsible, drop it in the comments! 

  2. Casimiro says:

    I thought you were telling about my search for a loan in Portugal and than I read that after all the old American man got the loan

    • Rogier Want says:

      Haha Casimiro! I can see the reassembles and your story crossed my mind of course. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that your journey will have a positive ending too though! I’m actually in Lisbon in about two weeks, to meet with a lady from Australia that’s active in impact investing. I will give you a call, perhaps we can meet and catch up!

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An Old Native American Man Wanted a US$ 500 Loan. This is What Ha…

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