Assessing Novel Crops

Together with Wageningen University we have started a research project focusing on promising crops. Our primary focus is on Moringa and Thaumatin. The objective of the study is to look at the cultivation aspects of the crops, the processing opportunities and challenges together with and perhaps most importantly the product application and market opportunities thereof.

Some of the questions that where raised:

  • What are the nutritional health benifits of Moringa and Thaumatin and how could these substances/derived ingredients potentially complement the food and beverage, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals industries? Please develop your research into the most ‘promising’ fields and ignore the less relevant product applications.
  • Depending on the outcome of the most feasible product applications how should we extract/process the crop? What is needed for local processing and packaging for the export market? Remember we are ideally looking at producing a semi-processed product and are not interested to going all the way up to food ingredient level for a variety of reasons.
  • What would be the ideal way to cultivate the crops? Is the plant material available and in what region is the plant likely to perform well? Is mechanized cultivation recommended? Is it possible for small scale farmers to cultivate the crops? Feel free to raise additional considerations.
  • What criteria are needed for the new venture to be scalable and sustainable? Who and how do you ensure the entire value chain benefits from the impact and how would do you measure this?
  • What investments are required? For this question please cover topics such as: Will plant material need to be developed and what are the associated costs? What are the approximate costs of the proposed processing solutions?

Updates on the progress will follow soon!


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Assessing Novel Crops

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