Barry Ritholtz Face-to-Face with Impact Investing Guru Matthew Weatherley-White

Some of you may have already come across Matthew Weatherley-White through a profile titled ”The Most Fascinating Impact Investor You’ve Never Heard Of”. If you haven’t, do check it out! White is in many ways an exceptional and inspiring character who, apart from entertaining a rich list of hobbies and accolades, also happens to run one of the world’s largest and oldest multi-family impact investing funds through CAPROCK Group, the wealth management company he co-launched together with five other partners in 2005. White has expressive views on capital and an all-in attitude when it comes to his investment approach:

”I’m committing my career and professional reputation to this notion that at some point in the future it will be unacceptable to deploy capital with utter disregard to the environmental and social consequences for doing so,”

In his interview with Ritholtz they go through the history of impact investing covering how it transcended from the divestment movement of South African companies during the apartheid era, to anti-Vice, socially responsible investing (SRI), sustainable, and ESG to ”impact investing” a term White expects will eventually go away as well. They further discuss the changes in modern investor demographics. It turns out that women together with those ‘damn’ millennials will be taking the reins and propelling this trend even further as a $30 trillion dollar generational wealth transfer is underway, as demographics suggest much of it will find its way to these two groups, who tend to favor ESG investing. Get yourself a cuppa and a comfortable seat and enjoy this podcast!


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Barry Ritholtz Face-to-Face with Impact Investing Guru Matthew We…

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