Brazil: A Global Agribusiness Powerhouse

Did you know that Brazil is the fourth largest (volume) food producer in the world? They are also a long way off from reaching their full potential. Currently Brazil has almost 70m hectares of farmland in production, yet, it is estimated that this can be sustainable increased to almost 300m hectares and 400m hectares if you ask the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

Brazil counts about 5m farms, of which 4.1m are smallholders. Through the conversion of new land over the past 20 years, farmers have successfully converted the country’s Cerrado, or savannah region, into a vast new agricultural frontier responsible for nearly 70% of the country’s farm output. 

This incredible achievement makes Brazil the largest exporter of soybean, coffee, sugar and, orange juice concentrate. Brazil has been declared a global agribusiness powerhouse, and praised for supplying the “four Fs” – food, feed, fuel, and fibre – to the world. Watch the the video below to get a quick brief on Brazilian agribusiness.

Right, having watched the video above you may think that Brazil is truly ‘the promised land for farming’, yet, the reality of it is a little more nuanced. While Brazil for sure is blessed with vast natural resources, such as large areas of fertile land and while technical advances in agribusiness have provided a healthy base for some serious farming operations, it also faces challenges.

These challenges come from Brazils geographic positioning which is far from ideal, meaning that access to international markets continues to be a costly and technical challenge. So, for the other side of the story watch the video below to learn about the geographic challenges of Brazil. 

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Brazil: A Global Agribusiness Powerhouse

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