Can Impact Scale?

Listen to the latest Returns on Investment podcast from Impact Alpha featuring Institutional Investor’s mogen Rose-Smith and ImpactAlpha’s David Bank joined by host Brian Walsh of Liquidnet to talk about the disconnect between rhetoric and action, growth curves and why we may need to ditch the word “impact.”

The podcast talks about what scale means in impact investing? Does it mean increasing amounts of capital, bigger deals or measureable dents in social and environmental challenges on the ground? Who decides and what is happening right now?

There is a disconnect between the rhetoric and what people are actually doing.

There is growth smaller self identified impact investing funds that were 20-40 million are now becoming 100-400 million funds. Leapfrog has gone over a billion. The Rise Fund is targeting a 2 billion fund! While impact investing asset managers now manage some $35.5 billion in assets, up 18 percent in the last two years, it is nothing in a $70 trillion capital market. Meeting the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, for example, requires as much as $5 to $7 trillion each year in public and private investment.


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Can Impact Scale?

by Rogier Want time to read: 1 min