Ghana Nutrition Country Profile

Wa (WAP) Agribusiness Park and Stevia 1931 are our flagship +Impact Ventures, both of which operate in Ghana. We operate with a triple bottom line, meaning our financial results matter just as much as our social and environmental returns.

To ensure +Impact we contribute in many ways. For a detailed oveview please refer to our ICSR (International Corperate Social Responsibility) policy. One major way in which we can contribute locally is by reserving a % of the produce from Wa ABP for the local market. In that lights we make use of the Ghana Nutrition Country Profile to ensure what we produce crops that relief local nutritional deficiencies.

Aproximately 10% of the farm is reserved for less well-off local farmers, who we will provide with tools, material and education to practise farming activites to feed their family and community. At least another other 10% is reserved for crops in demand in the Upper West region, fully understanding we will need to adress various obstacles, such as pruchasing power and inflation.

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Ghana Nutrition Country Profile

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