Impact Investing for the Average Joe

Devin Thorpe is an impact investing veteran who has written hundreds of articles on impact investing over the past four years. What Devin noticed during this time, is that impact investment opportunities are generally exclusively accessible to the happy few.  Rod Schwartz, the CEO of ClearlySo, a financial advisory firm for social entrepreneurs in the UK, is quoted saying;

”The idea that impact investing (II) is the preserve of institutions or only the rich is breaking down rapidly, particularly in the UK, where the regime is very much encouraging II”

To give the average Joe a chance to benefit from this trend, Devin created a guide to help the other 99.9% of us. The guide lists parties that enable the general public to become impact investors, with some facilitators accepting investments from as low 20 Dollars!

Devin listed various companies that make impact investing available to the masses. Included in the list are Tree Town Investments, Green Alpha Advisors, Village Capital, The Calvert Foundation and RSF. Devin also lists a few interesting fund raising platforms such as Webfunder and Start Engine. Don’t miss this guide and check it out on Forbes.


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Impact Investing for the Average Joe

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