Judge Absolutely DESTROYED Monsanto’s Subpoena on Avaaz!

So, Monsanto got a little upset with Avaaz, because in another successful campaign by Avaaz, they managed to convince the European Union to refuse to grant Monsanto a renewal license for its main product and cornerstone of its empire – the cancer-linked weed killer glyphosate.

Monsanto was obviously not amused and sued the living hell out of Avaaz by subpoenaing them and requesting all their information. Monsanto used all their weight, yet,  while standing up against such an organisation needs bravery and a LOT OF RESOURCES, Avaaz did it and gave Monsanto a good slap back! Yesterday the judge pretty much told Monsanto to sod off! 

Monsanto flew in a top lawyer, a man who’s defended everything from asbestos to lead and arsenic. But between our briefs, and the powerful oral arguments, the judge was convinced, and took the incredibly RARE step of throwing out the ENTIRE subpoena!!! Normally they just narrow the scope of the subpoena to something more reasonable, but the judge couldn’t find anything reasonable in Monsanto’s claims about Avaaz!

Avaaz vs. Monsanto: we won!!!!

Monsanto came after Avaaz after years of campaigning work to get their poisonous chemical glyphosate out of our food, land and bodies. They tried to demand that we hand over our playbook to stop their toxic trade, but a judge just now said not only that Monsanto's demands were 'irrelevant' but that they were trying to deter all movements who would fight to make the world a better place. This is democracy and people power in action, and winning!!

Gepostet von Avaaz am Donnerstag, 6. September 2018

Monsanto is experiencing a bit of a bad run, as only last month they were ordered to pay 289m US in damages to a man claiming the famous weedkiller caused him terminal cancer. It’s a good things this company gets taken on, as when you type in the name Monsanto on Google or YouTube, you will see an avalanche of negativity surrounding the company, particularly on how they try to DESTROY defenceless individuals over patent rights. 


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Judge Absolutely DESTROYED Monsanto’s Subpoena on Avaaz!

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