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Kony 2012 is a controversial documentary about the African war criminal Joseph Kony. This documentary has been made by the American non-profit organisation ‘Invisible Children’. With over 100m views to date, it is an incredible success.

We can learn a lot from this video. It for example proves that a video does not always have to be short to generate lots of awareness/views. Right from the start the video makes you feel you can be a hero as it shows clearly that everyone can make a difference. The story is also kept ‘nice and simple’ with its exclusive focus on Kony as the situation in Central Africa is of-course much more complex. The video has even got it’s own Wiki page and be sure to check it out for extra details.

Update: There is now also Kony Part II, which we have includes below, talking about the worldwide uproar the video has caused.


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Kony 2012

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