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Are you an aspiring ‘changemaker’ and keen to bring about positive social change?  Well, if you are serious about making meaningful social and political changes, you will need to have an understanding of power dynamics and systems, and influence strategies that can shift the status. 

To help you do this, FutureLearn is offering the free 8 week course ”Making Change Happen”. This course will help you understand the context of the issues you’re passionate about and your existing sources of power and influence. You’ll be guided by examples of successful international movements and community action, and connect with changemakers worldwide.

For the ones not familiar with FutureLearn. FutureLearn is the Open Universities online learning platform that has been ‘live’ since 2013. They call it a Mooc, (Massive Open Online Courses) platform which allows anyone, anywhere to take a university course for free. 

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Making Change Happen

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