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Money, money, money, Must be funny, In the rich man’s world… Ok we are getting distracted, we are not here to discuss ABBA. No, we are here to talk MONEY. It’s a subject that’s often shunned, even though it’s a very important aspect of your life. After all, it seems you need that stuff for just about everything you do. It’s therefore absolutely essential you wise up about money, especially as they teach you so little about it in school. Perhaps this explains why, according to Forbes, 69% of Americans have less then US$ 1000 in their bank accounts. That’s batshit crazy right? You don’t want to be that statistic! Anyway, the good news is that YOU can do something about it. It all starts with some inspiration and motivation, and for that reason we listed 10 great money blogs we feel may help you achieve financial independence, or at least help you to wise up about the subject.

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