N26 Leading the Way into Modern Day Banking

N26, a German FinTech start-up, offers you a great new way to manage your bank account! N26 offers you a full fledged bank account in just under 8 minutes, all via their app, promising you to never having to visit a bank ever again!

N26 is currently available in 17 European countries and the features are similar to Revolut, in that you can instantly send money between N26 account holders, get real time push notifications after every transaction and the fact that you can withdraw money from any ATM. Just like Revolut, the N26 bank account is free to open and maintain. Their partnership with TransferWise means you can get competitive exchange rates similar to those offered by Revolut.

N26 goes a little further in that you get a real bank account and a sophisticayed money management tool. You can also make use of overdraf facilities at fair rates. For a small fee of 5,90 EUR a month, they also offer a premium black MasterCard. N26 therefore offers the real deal in a more convenient and fair way compared to most hight street banks. Today they offer transfers, investments and overdraft but they also intent to offer credit, savings and insurance. If you sign up for a regular account before February 1st, you get your ATM card for free!


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N26 Leading the Way into Modern Day Banking

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