Our Name

Exelenti is a word combination of the Latin word Executio, commonly abbreviated in computing to Exe, and Lenti, the Italian word for lenses. The two adjoined words entail the essence of our philosophy.

Executio stands for action. In computing terms .exe stands for ”performing an indicated tasks according to encoded instructions“. This is exactly what we stand for; getting things done the way we are convinced they need to be done.

Lenti stands for lenses. A lens can be used to focus light to form an image, and, with the right focus, enable you to see things clearly. Seeing things clearly will allow you to take the right actions. There are various types of lenses, each suited for a different purpose and context. Lenses can create fire, enable great discoveries of far away universes and help people restore their vision. It too allows us to capture our most precious moments.

Combining focus with action are key elements for success. Shaping ideas into reality, guided by a clear vision and objective, is an essential quality in achieving desirable tangible results, especially in the uncharted territory of impact investing!