There are various interesting calls and programs aimed at helping mission related investors in Africa to achieve their goals and aspirations. The schemes differ and range from grants, soft loans, patient capital and below market loans to co-finance structures to market rate debt and equity finance. Below we have highlighted a selection of key calls. Calls are arranged in ascending order/deadline date.


Open Calls!

Africa Prize

the-royal-academy-of-engineeringThe Africa Prize encourages ambitious and talented sub-Saharan African engineers from all disciplines to apply their skills to develop scalable solutions to local challenges, highlighting the importance of engineering as an enabler of improved quality of life and economic development.
Prize: £10,000 to £25,000.
Apply Now! Deadline June 30th.

Grofin Aspire Nigeria Trust Fund

grofin-logo-fair-useA unique integrated solution of patient risk capital (US$ 100,000 - US$ 1 million) and end-to-end business support to start-up and growing businesses in Nigeria.
Fund Size: US$ 25 MILLION
Apply Now! Open All Year. Fund Maturity May 2017.

GroFin Small and Growing Business Fund

grofin-logo-fair-useUncapped and unlimited-life fund to support growth of underserved small and growing businesses (SGBs) in Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, Egypt, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda. Delivers a unique integrated solution for patient risk capital (US$ 100 000 - US$ 1.5 million) and end-to-end business support to start-up and growing businesses.
Fund Size: US $100+ Million.
Apply Now! Deadline: July 2023 (continual).

GroFin Aspire Growth Fund

grofin-logo-fair-useGroFin is looking to maximise socio-economic development of the Niger Delta region by delivering a unique integrated solution of patient risk capital (US$ 125 000 - US$ 3 million) and end-to-end business support to start-up and growing businesses.
Fund Size: US$ 40 million.
Apply Now! Deadline: July 2023 (continual).

GroFin Aspire Small Business Fund

grofin-logo-fair-useWith this fund GroFin is looking t0 create sustainable employment, economic growth and social development in the Niger Delta Region through the provision of business development assistance, risk finance (US$ 10,000 to US$ 100,000) and market linkages to viable, growth orientated small enterprises.
Fund Size: US$ 10 million.
Apply Now! Open All Year. Fund Maturity July 2023.

Global Innovation Fund (GIF)

gif-logo-fair-useGIF supports breakthrough solutions to global development challenges from social enterprises, for-profit firms, non-profit organisations, researchers, and government agencies by offering grants, loans (including convertible debt) and equity investments ranging from US$ 50,000 to US$ 15 million. Finance is offered through three stages, being the Pilot stage, Test & Transition stage and Scaling Up stage.
Fund Size: US$ 200 Million.
Apply Now! Deadline: No Deadline.


Closed Calls

The Postcode Lottery Green Challenge

nationale-oostcodeloterij-fair-useThe Postcode Lottery Green Challenge is the world’s largest competition in the field of sustainable entrepreneurship. Green startups from all over the world can submit promising sustainable business plans until 1 June 2016 inclusive.
The winner will receive €500,000 to further develop their product or service, and to bring it to market. The runner-up will receive €200,000.
Apply Now! Deadline June 1st. 

Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund (AECF)

aecf-logo-fair-useThe AECF is a US$ 244m challenge fund. Funding is awarded through competitions, with applicants judged on the commercial viability, innovation, and potential development impact of their projects.
Fund Size: US$ 244 Million.
 No Calls. Check out

Agricultural Fast Track Fund (AFT)

aft-fund-logo-fair-useThe AFT Fund is multi-donor trust fund managed by the African Development Bank. The AFT provides grant funding for the initial project development costs of a broad range of agriculture infrastructure projects. Grants range between US $500,000 to US $1,000,000. Qualifying countries: Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi, Mozambique, Nigeria, Senegal and Tanzania.
Fund Size: US$ 23.80 Million.
No Calls. Last Closing: 15th of April 2016. Check out