Robo Advisors are Taking Charge!

Robo Advisors are Taking Charge and you can benefit from this as According to MyPrivateBanking’s recent quantitative panel survey report ”Investors’ Attitudes towards robo advisors – Evidence from the US and the UK” Robo Advisors and automated investment services are becoming increasingly popular with investors across the board, especially with high net worth investors. Robo advisors are automated investment platforms that use technology to help investors manage their investments and ultimately achieve their financial goals.

More than 70% of overall respondents think that such tools can positively influence their wealth manager’s advice and decision-making process, and that automated advice potentially speeds up on-boarding processes such as registration and account opening, making these processes more efficient and convenient.

WiseBanyan is such a Robo Advisors and helps investors mange their investments and achieve their financial goals without the price tag associated with professionally managed accounts. Wisebanyan describe themselves as ”The world’s first free financial advisor” that provides professionally managed portfolios with no minimum to start. The only downside is that the platform is currently only open for U.S. residence. Business Insider has listed 15 Robo Advisor for 2017 here.


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Robo Advisors are Taking Charge!

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