Say No to Wool

I used to be a big fan of wool, probably because my mum always screamed that it’s much ‘better’ to buy the natural product over it’s synthetic alternative. To be fair, she is probably right to some extend, as clothing in general does come with various potential health hazards. Think about the dying agents, the allergic reactions caused by synthetic fabrics, such as nylon, together with the environmental damage (microplastic). 

Anyway, I was at peace with buying wool, because what can go wrong? After all, we all enjoy a haircut from time to time. The same must go for sheep right I though. What’s wrong with a ‘nice shave’ before the warmer summer months? Well, I guess I romanticised things a little, as apparently there is an an AWFUL LOT that can go wrong. It turns out the wool industry is a very cruel industry. No it’s not just ‘China’ again, the abuse takes place across the world, from Argentina to Australia and from the UK to the US. 

PETA has collected footage from all over the world, exposing the horrific abuse of sheep. However much I dislike the synthetic alternatives, the wool industry is one I will no longer support. I have included one video below, of a farm in Australia, yet, if this isn’t enough for you, then do check out the lengthy page with 11 videos showcasing the horrible abuse the sheep have to endure to serve us, mankind humankind. 


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Say No to Wool

by Rogier Want time to read: 1 min