Take Charge of Your Money Using Revolut!

Tired of your inflexible old school bank? Don’t ditch it but add flavour to the mix and take charge of your money using Revolut! Revolut offers both a smart phone app and a prepaid debit card that exchanges your currency against perfect interbank rates (real exchange rates) for most major currencies with no additional fees! With the app, which offers live exchange rates, you will never have to worry about exchanging money ahead of time or getting a bad rate again! Not convinced? Use XE.com to check whether you are really getting that great exchange rate!

Revolut also offers free international bank transfers, a bank card and limited ATM withdrawals. It further allows you to make free instant transfers to other Revolut users. The Revolut app is pretty intuitive and advanced compared to most banking apps out there. With the account opening and maintenance cost being exactly ZERO, Revolut certainly provides a useful addition to your wallet, especially if you are like to travel! Download Revolut in the App Store or Google Play.


  1. Free to open and maintain.
  2. Exchange up to 90 currencies at perfect interbank rates.
  3. Free WORLDWIDE transfers.
  4. Instant transfers between Revolut users.
  5. Instant UK current account, without the need of a proof of address or a credit check, allowing you to receive 3rd party bank transfers, such as your salary.
  6. Quick and competitive credit options to UK residents.


  1. Top up tool not supported for all banks.
  2. They now charge a 6 EUR/equivalent fee for the delivery of the physical bank card. Still a great deal!
  3. Their free cash withdrawal limit was reduced from 650 to 200 EUR/equivalent since February 2017. Cash withdrawels thereafter are charged at 2%.

We are genuinely excited about the service offered by Revolut and want others to know and/or benefit from this service too. We do not receive any incentive or financial compensation from Revolut or it’s affiliates. This article may be updated to reflect changes in service.

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Take Charge of Your Money Using Revolut!

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