The Defining Moment For Gates

Bill Gates is perhaps one of the most well-known and generous philanthropists this world has seen! Yet some may wonder what it is that inspired Gates to become so involved with philanthropy. Thanks to a recent interview we now get a glimpse into his motivations for ‘becoming’ a philanthropist.

The ‘ahhh’ moment came to Gates when he tried to bring computers to impoverished areas of Africa in 1997. He did this in an attempt to minimise the digital divide. To get his demonstration going they had to borrow a generator, which would no longer be there once he was gone. It was there where he learned how ridiculous his efforts were, as these people were dealing with many greater challenges, such as making sure they have enough access to food, access to healthcare along with ensuring they have a decent place to live and access to the grid. While he still believed that reducing the digital divide was important, he also started to realise the problem solving started with meeting basic needs. Watch part of the interview below to learn more about Bill Gates motivations.


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The Defining Moment For Gates

by Rogier Want time to read: 1 min