The Miracle Tree

There are many promising and ‘undiscovered’ crops out there, yet, Moringa is a truly spectacular one. The incredible high/dense nutritional value of Moringa doesn’t only presents great utility to increasingly health conscious consumers, it also helps fight malnutrition in poverty strikken regions as the tree is easy to grow and drought resistant. The Moringa tree also seems to possess ‘weed like’ growing super powers, meaning you should defiantly not leave this thing unattended in your (sub) tropical backyard! 

Virtually every bit of the Morgina tree is edible meaning that Moringa is being cultivated for it’s leaves, fruits, seeds, sap, stem bark and, roots. It will therefore come as no surprise that Moringa is sometimes referred to as ‘The Miracle Tree’ and by some actually considered to be one of the MOST USEFUL TREES IN THE WORLD!

Global demand is particularly high for Moringa powder (nutritional) and Moringa oil (cosmetic). According to CBI research on Moringa export opportunities, demand for Moringa is growing, specifically so for organically certified Moringa leaf powder.

Indian media reported that the global Moringa oleifera market amounted to around € 363 million in 2016. They expect this market to reach € 626 million by 2020. India is also Europe’s main supplier of Moringa oleifera. The country’s exports of Moringa oleifera are reported to grow by 26-30% annually.

Although the total European market size is small, there is a good demand for organic Moringa oleifera. So much so that industry experts indicate that global supplies of organic certified leaf powder are insufficient. This opens up opportunities for (new) producers who can supply organic Moringa.

Right, interested to learn how things work in practise? Below I have posted two videos, one of Manfred growing stevia as a homefarmer and one on a Cambodian manufacturer producing Moringa at an industrial scale.



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The Miracle Tree

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