The World Giving Index 2018

The World Giving Index, published by the Charity Aid Foundation (CAF), provides a global overview of giving trends. The index is made up of a five year average based on three giving behaviours: donating money, volunteering and, helping a stranger. For 2018 CAF has noted the following key findings: 

  • Giving has increased in developed countries. This is a welcome reversal due to the decline we saw last year amongst most of the top-scoring Western countries.
  • The ‘giving gap’ between the continents is closing. For example, five years ago, there was a 7% percent gap between the index scores of the Americas and Africa. Now this stands at just 1%.
  • More people around the world reported helping a stranger and volunteering their time in 2017, but the proportion donating money has declined for the second year in a row.

Keen to learn about all their findings? Download the entire report HERE!


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The World Giving Index 2018

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