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I woke up in a crazy mood and thought to myself, why not get things even crazier today. Well, what better way to achieve this goal then by opening up Google and typing in ”David Icke”. BOOOOOOM mission accomplished! WACKONESS EVERYWHERE! The man once claimed to be the son of god and believes we are controlled by a lizard illuminati!!! At least it puts a smile on your face and some subtle reassurance that some of the odd thoughts and habits you may have are, perhaps, not so strange after all. What I got out of it, is that, I now know what I will be streaming next time I light up that joint! It’s going to be an epic evening. I mean, Elon Musk seems to have a good time doing it.

Actually, talking about Elon, if you think about it, David sure has some odd theories and ideas, but then again, widely admired ‘super hero everything’ Elon Musk, seems to get away with claiming that we live in a computer simulation. So, perhaps, it’s useful to keep things in perspective at all times (ABSOLUTE MUST SEE!!!).

Anyway I’m drifting off. The reason I’m writing this is because in my search I actually stumbled upon a real ‘gem’ of a video from David. It goes out to prove that even wacko’s can talk a lot sense, just like perfectly reasonable people can spit out a lot of garbage too. Just look at politicians. Okay, maybe not the best example, as I’m too indecisive as to which label they should go under (maybe both?). Anyway, you catch my drift…

Now, in the video below, were David is being interviewed by Brain Rose from London Real, David argues that we humans generally behave like herd animals. Nothing new here of course. All we have to do is look at the recent wave of teen suicides in America after the hugely successful teen drama ’13 Reasons Why’ premiered on NetFlix.

Okay, with that observation in hand, David basically asks you to NOT BELIEVE, DISBELIEVE or REACT to ‘anything’ you haven’t got the knowledge on. Hey now I got your attention right? I mean how many times have we not ‘mentally’ stabbed someone in the face we feel talks a lot of garbage?

Yet, what David this to draw our attention to, is that perhaps it’s not always so obvious. Things that on the surface may seem true, perhaps because it comes from ‘credible’ news outlet, may actually be ‘not so true’. So, as a general rule, David urges you to STOP taking ‘everyones’ and ‘anyones’ word for things, until you are able to take a position on it yourself. If you haven’t got the knowledge, time and/or resources to research things immediately, then park it in NEUTRAL before taking strong positions on topics, just to please the particular heard you seem to be a part of.

Oh and David also doesn’t want you to be intimidated into silence either. And there he has another very good point. After all, many people ‘censor’ themselves when discussing issues like Trump, Brexit and, transgenders, religion you name it.

”If you silence yourself, eventually everything goes silent. When people are telling you what you can’t say, say it louder, say it more often.”

So the bottom line: don’t let others tell you what you must do, believe or think. Don’t allow yourself to defined by other people, but define yourself. You shouldn’t want to be anyone else. Now watch the video! It’s good, just take my word for it! 😉


Image by Grae Dickason from Pixabay



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