This ‘Practical Answers’ App Challenges Poverty by Providing Over 2000 Practical ‘How To Do Guides’

Practical Action launched a super handy ‘Practical Answers’ app with ‘How To Do’ guides on a wide range of subjects such as, climate change, flooding, sanitation and, sustainable agriculture. The app is aimed at helping development practitioners by providing access to over 2000 practical ‘How To Do’ guides, ranging from building a small-scale water harvesting dam to building a clay refrigerator.

Practical Action is a development charity that ”uses technology to challenge poverty, working with poor women and men around the world.” The app is Africa proof, in that it has minimal data requirements and can even be used offline. Users can also submit questions for technical advice, which will be answered by the charity’s team.

Download the app in the AppStore or on Google Play.


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This ‘Practical Answers’ App Challenges Poverty by Pr…

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