This Sh*t Makes Sense!

Molly Winter is sometimes referred to as ”The Poo Princess”. Why? Well, maybe it’s because she literally claims our poo and and pee have superpowers! She argues we should use our ”daily doodle” in ways that can benefit us and stop letting it go to waste. Much to the princesses dislike, we have seen little innovation in sanitation and in large part that is due to people’s discomfort to talk about sanitation.

Not only does our waste go to waste, in the US alone seven million people get sick and 900 die annually due to drinking sewage infested drinking water. Currently, around half of all of our poop and pee is going to fertilise farmland while the other half is being incinerated or land-filled. We really could make much better use of this resource. 

Think of your poo and pee as a health smoothie for a tree.

The Poo Princess thinks we are ready for advanced potty training for 3 good reasons: 1) It could fertilise our food, 2 it could slow down climate change as we could plough in the carbon in our poop into our soil bank. Lastly, it could save us a lot of money. Infrastructure is expensive in upkeep, so self Integrated Water Management approach (where condominiums treat their own waste on site) is actually cheaper than connecting to the grid. Watch the Poo Princes shine on this Ted talk!

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This Sh*t Makes Sense!

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