This Shower Knocks $200 of Your Utilities Bill

Solar power and electric driving are super hot. When it comes to water-saving innovations it has been a whole lot quieter. That now changes with Nebia, the shower that saves 70% water compared to a regular shower. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, were they raised over US$ 3 million, the company is set to start shipping the showers early next year.

How it works? Well, it all has to do with its design. By using thermofluids (finer nozzles) the shower creates 10 times more surface area compared to your regular shower. At the same time it also uses less water to do this! Apparently, the Nebia shower experience is also something to die for.

Nebia currently sells at US$ 375 for a single unit (discount for multiple units). On average it pays for itself in about 2 years. For example, if you live in New York and have two eight minute showers a day, then your savings are around US$ 200, 163.520 glasses of drinking water and 37.8 days of heat for the average home per year. Do you own maths by using their calculator and watch the short clip below.


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This Shower Knocks $200 of Your Utilities Bill

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