We Only Consume 20 out of 300.000 Edible Plants!

Mother earth counts around 300.000 edible plants, yet, on average, 80% of our caloric intake is derived from 20 highly modified species. This interesting fact inspired an organisation called Bio-Innovation Zimbabwe (BIZ) to rediscover some of these resilient plant species. After all they managed to adapt to our climatic conditions and grow naturally without inputs such as pesticides and fertiliser. On top anyone can harvest them and no special equipment is needed. These species are therefore perfectly suited for low-income, small-scale producers. The goals of BIZ are:

At BIZ, we’re working not just on food plants, but also on plants with medicinal, cosmetic, health ingredient, biofuel and even ornamental applications. And everyone benefits: we create new livelihood options to bring people out of poverty, we conserve biodiversity (making our planet healthier) and our bodies are healthier.

There are currently paying particular focus on about 20 species, such as Bambara Nuts and Devil’s Claw. Check out the BIZ website and the video below showcasing villagers in Bimaba growing Rosella. Really interesting initiative!





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We Only Consume 20 out of 300.000 Edible Plants!

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